API Wallet Issue - Default Card declined for recharge

Hi to everyone. Me and my team mate are been using the API for a long time, but today for some reasons we are unable to add funds on the API Wallet. Our card, actually used and working with ChatGPT Plus is being declined for the API recharge. We also tried with another card (still from the same emitter, but different tecnology, but it was declined again. We are wandering what is changed ad the card worked until the last call from the project few weeks ago, and it’a always been the default card, always working. Is anyone facing our issue? How you managed to solve? Steps already tried:

  • open a ticket into OpenAI environment; - actually waiting.
  • double checked the card account for any kind of new auth/requests ;
  • no sign of unsuccessfull requests on the card side;

Anything else we can do?

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Hi @FranF - the best option in this case is indeed to contact OpenAI support in this case and wait for their response.

If you have not already, you can go over this checklist again.


It appears that your card used to charge API credits is being blocked by OpenAI’s automated system for some reason.

OpenAI has a very large number of customers, so they have no choice but to use an automated system to monitor and prevent fraud.

Once a credit card is blocked, it can never be used again unless it is reissued and the number is changed. I have never heard of a card that has been blocked being made available again.

So, it would be practical to create another card, even a debit card, to charge the API credit.

I know this may not be acceptable to you. But that’s the way it is.


Thanks for the replies.

We tried to insert a new card from scratch and unfortunately nothing could be done with this one either. We are still waiting for a response from OpenAI support.

We will communicate updates as we have them, if we have them.