API Utility Information, difference between Personal API key and Enterprise API for GPT4

Is there any difference between API key from personal account and API key from enterprise account?

There really is no “enterprise” that is publicly disclosed for API. All API users have similar interface, billings and such. Accounts have increasing purchasing and usage ability as their application, company, and current usage is reviewed when requesting those increases.

There is ChatGPT for Enterprise, where we are specifically talking about the chatbot on chat.openai.com. No special entitlements for API are described by the announcement and product page of this service.

The enterprise API has no rate limits. I wouldn’t call that “No specials entitlement”. In my case that means a difference of 20 minutes in evaluations.

Is that by having contacted sales, and becoming a purchaser of ChatGPT enterprise, the newly-announced product?

Oh, I don’t have that. I am running stuff on azure. I just read it somewhere. Also you get free tokens afaik.

(same with power virtual agents from microsoft - 14$ per month but you get 5k$ in free openai model tokens).