ChatGPT Enterprise(API for developers)

I applied for ChatGPT Enterprise(API for developers ) here. Just received a response email that directs me to this guide. Based on the provided information in the guide, it seems that while OpenAI refers to the API as enterprise-level, the primary distinction is the ability to increase the usage cap by filling another form which is provided in the guide. I wanted to confirm if I’m understanding this correctly or if there are additional features or benefits we may have overlooked.

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ChatGPT Enterprise and the API are two different things, I believe.

The former is industrial scale ChatGPT while the latter is for developers.

Can you share the text of the email you received?

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Thanks for your quick reply!
I initially thought that the inclusion of ‘API (for developer)’ on the ChatGPT Enterprise page implied a more dependable API tailored for developers working on enterprise solutions. We’ve been experiencing unexpected delays in the response time of the current API, and these delays could have a significant impact on our customers’ satisfaction.

I’m up for rethinking my first guess and just want to make sure I’ve got it spot on.

ChatGPT Enterprise is for multi-seat businesses to chat with the chatbot at And can pay a price tag of thousands $$.

API is completely different, doesn’t require an application, and is pay-per-data used. You use your own programming to interact with the language models. You can make applications for rate increases or payment limit increases as your usage grows.

You just bothered some people you didn’t need to contact.

If you’re big/growing fast, you may want to look into Azure.

But yeah, ChatGPT Enterprise and the API are different. The way I read the email, ChatGPT Enterprise is coming soon if you can afford it, but in the meantime, here’s our API for developers.

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