API Rate limits (rate limits pricing and exceeded)

Hi! I have a question:
On 13/03 I paid $55 for the OpenAI API (I am in tier 1); to date it works and everything is regular, I am in tier1 precisely. I paid on 13/03 $55, and on 18/03 I paid an additional $90. Now, however, as rate limits I am at $97 out of $120 which is my limit, and I cannot increase it (surely because being in tier 1, I was reading from the pages you proposed, I have a maximum rate limit of $100 monthly, while already in intier 2 I have $500 monthly). The problem is that from the first payment, i.e. 13/03, to today (16:00 hours in Italy), I have not yet moved to tier 2. Yet it has been 7 days and I have spent more than $50. The risk and fear I have is that tomorrow, coming to the limit of $120 out of $120 (my maximum that does not let me increase), my bot will stop working. In your opinion, in such a situation, when can I move to level 2?

I thank you!

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Unfortunately the concept of time is pretty fluid and not always straight-forward with OpenAI. I’d urge you to give it another 24-48 hours since you’re right at the border of 7 days :frowning: