Looking for teammate to make a chatbot

Hello programing is my hobby i allready have made some AI projects
And im looking for a teammate to make a chatbot together
this is a short description i will tell more when you send my a message for more info


Have you considered your “teammate” might be something like this?

I get it; we all want to build the next cool thing. However, in many cases, we do so by leaning on no/low-code platforms. In the world of intelligent bots, there is an equivalent to no-code solutions. Focusing on your product/service and outsourcing the underlying infrastructure may be more advantageous.

I have three really competent AI developers on my team and still, I am building a prototype for certain use cases with CustomGPT. Why? Because they are building the core product and should not be distracted by yet another contextual feature - an FAQ chat system for the website.

Would love to do something. What type of expertise are you looking for?

I don’t have a specific expertise in head but just in general

I am also looking for a partner to build a product in the AI space. How would you like to connect?

i have discord my discord name is Technik#9181
add my there

Lets goo i am also building and looking for new projects

Hello, I am an interest lover, but I am a student and have no relevant professional knowledge to help you,I want to find an interesting project and use it to market and generate revenue

If you need any more teammates, please contact me. I will follow the news here: