Anyone else stuck on tier 3 rate limits?

On my “Limits” page, it says:

Once the following criteria are met, you’ll automatically move to the next tier:

  • At least $250 spent on the API since account creation.
  • At least 14 days passed since first successful payment.

I’ve definitely met both of these but I have not been upgraded. Is there some additional requirement not disclosed here? Has anyone else run into this?


Please reach out to and use the support bot in the bottom right corner, the developer forum is unable to help with account related issues.

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I’m stuck on Tier 1, and have definitely met all the requirements for Tier 2. I was just met with a Bot that wasn’t any help when following your suggestion @Foxalabs . It just directed me to a Rate Limit Increase form that is no longer supported.

@alexbecker did you have any luck?

Shortly after posting (and complaining to the chat bot) it was fixed. No idea whether it was a coincidence or someone at OpenAI saw this post.