Anyone else doing AI consulting?

Look at They provide ai consulting for different spheres

Hi @chris5, I have my own consulting firm in AI. Would love if we could get on a call and share notes around it. Thanks

My company is looking for a full-stack developer as well to start creating some tools and micro-solutions for us. I am also pretty strong on the prompting and creating proofs of concept, but we need someone who is actually able to code/implement the solutions.

We are located in the UK and ideally would like to bring someone in-person. We are in the collision repair industry so tons of opportunities to innovate. If anyone is interested or knows someone who could help let me know.

Hi @trenton.dambrowitz, I would be happy to connect and help you. You can reach out to me at Amit Manchanda - Newton School | LinkedIn or

I am doing consulting and training for government, schools and municipalities in North Europe. Happy to discuss and join any intiative where I could contribute!

Hi @torronen, would be happy to connect and discuss.