Free prompt engineering support / freelancing available

TL;DR If you need prompt engineering support for your project, I can help you for free as I’ve just started building my portfolio. Contact me at my website.

Hi everyone,

I’ve decided to start working as a freelance prompt engineer on the side. I want to do few free gigs to create an initial portfolio before charging. This can be perfect for folks who have ideas for AI project but not sure where to get started / lacking expertise. I can give you advice or we can prototype it together for free. (of course, for some projects this may not be possible, but we can discuss)

I have good knowledge of prompt engineering, fine tuning, embeddings as well as general Machine Learning. I have prior experience of shipping Applied AI in FAANG companies in the past.

You can find out more and get in touch with me at my website


can we work together? I like your approach. I want to learn prompt engineering and need to develop my network and portfolio. How can I help you?

Hi, that’s a great. I will contact you. Thanks

Hi again. Form submitted…

I am doing analysis in depth in prompt in different domains.
Anyone can share his/ her challenges to me.


Hey all - I am also offering my services as a freelance prompt engineer. I am working to build my portfolio and am currently in the process of developing 2 websites that are entirely created by AI and entirely run by AI. Naturally, I am taking my time to actually upload the sites as I want to double check all output by the AI for plagiarism and originality.
If anyone here is looking to work on a project to create completely original, unique: Plug-Ins, Guides, Articles, and support please contact me.

I also provide freelance prompt engineering services. I specialize in test-driven prompt development and can help you build a testing system around your prompts to facilitate iteration and testing against multiple LLMs as well as ongoing monitoring for model drift over time.