Any update of API to ChatGPT's new voice conversation?

Hi Community,

I have tested out the new feature of voice conversation with my Plus plan and it works as a charm.

Is there any timeline for OpenAI to release the API of this VC feature so that I may connect it with my homemade smart toy?

Or any idea or workaround to achieve the goal of using ChatGPT’s voice conversation through a typical GPT-4 API?

Thank you in advance.



Plus and Enterprise users will get to experience voice and images in the next two weeks. We’re excited to roll out these capabilities to other groups of users, including developers, soon after.

Not yet but soon…

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So how is the determination of “who, where, and when” , being made, of when more plus users will gain access to the voice feature? Because the following screen shot is a functionality I saw someone touting on YouTube, that is clearly missing from my own app. I’m guessing this is being rolled out on a limited basis? Hmm…:thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I forgot the screen shot… lol.

I also would like to know the answer to this question. I have been anxiously waiting for a long time for this feature only to feel like I’m one of the last plus users to gain access to it.