Anticthon, my game coming along nicely

Here’s what I’ve been doing with this thing.


Looking awesome, congrats :slight_smile:
May I ask a few questions?

Are you feeding each character with prompts relevant to that character’s story/dialog options? Or each has its own fine-tuned engine?

How will you manage this when people play, wont it get stupidly expensive with all the dialogs and api calls?

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yes too much information. I expect optimization and future improvements will bring this into reasonable price range.

Why does Gregory speak with a Danish accent? :joy:

@RatherGood Do you plan to sell this on the asset store?

Correct, Danish (Denmark) accent.

No I want to make a game not an asset. Actually GitHub has a few examples of making the the API calls now. Just search Git for it. I don’t have a link handy but I know there are more than 1.

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Oops. I meant “why”.

Give me some time to add a FAQ to my website. Obviously everyone is asking how and I only plan to give away the obvious stuff?

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OK started a FAQ for my website.

I will add to it more later. As far as Gregory’s voice, it’s one of the options for Google TTS. You can select various voices and customize a bit.


Nice work. Looking forward to hearing more.

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