Runtime OpenAI API Generated Video Game Dialog with Text-To-Speech

I’ve integrated the OpenAI API into my game’s dialog system. Instead of writing dialog directly, characters use a custom prompt for each dialog line.

NPC dialog lines are generated on the fly and are different every time.

Here’s a video of it in action: AI Generated Video Game Dialog with Real-Time Text-to-Speech - YouTube

Here’s a post with more details: OpenAI API Generated Video Game Dialog With Real-Time Text-to-Speech - Doomlaser


Nice! Looking good.

Welcome to the forum.

This is awesome!

AI is really going to change the course of gaming in the next handful of years. Will give “Open World” an entirely new meaning.

Thanks guys. I’m continuing to do work exploring Text-Davinci-003’s possibilities in Unity. Will hopefully have cool new stuff to show soon…!

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Ya. But i think Open World is yesterday. Next Gen Sandbox call

AW, Artificial World…