AI control of NPCs (Updated)

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Nice work! Do you have plans for addressing the uncanny valley that comes with the synthetic voices?

Teaching the AI to provide SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language) might help. Doesn’t seem to recognize this currently.

Also using custom trained voices using wavenet. Need more voice options there.

I’m using a mixture of standard and wavenet in the video.


Ya, SSML would make it much better and realistic even when used with Standard voices.

You can try to use Inworld AI, I heard it’s based partly on GPT-3 (among other proprietary models). You can integrate with Unreal and Unity:

Nailing the synthetic voices is going to be a big one. I have yet to hear something that doesn’t have the uncanny valley happening.

Wow, this game demo is really well done! Do you have a newsletter sign up?

Whew! Finally done with The Coffee Dragon Part 2!

My Discord is the best place to reach me. Link on my website.