An AI reply assistant for emails on Windows / macOS

Hey everyone :wave:,

Dealing with emails :e-mail: is a crucial part of professional life. To simplify this task, I’ve developed MailReply, an app dedicated exclusively to email services.

MailReply makes responding to your emails super easy with just one keyboard shortcut on Windows and macOS🖱️. It identifies the email service you’re using, whether it’s Gmail, Apple Mail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, ProtonMail, Thunderbird or Zoho Mail, and adapts your responses accordingly. The standout feature is its ability to automatically draft a reply in the email response area.

This innovative tool detects the language of the original message and crafts the reply in the same language :earth_africa:.

For more information, please visit

I’m really keen to hear your feedback or suggestions. Let me know your thoughts! :speech_balloon:

This may be a bit of an uphill battle for you because MS just released their copilot for email and there are a dozen Chrome extensions that are designed to do the same.

I suspect with your pricing of $19 per month for “up to 200” emails, you might have a difficult time gaining traction. However, I do wish you luck!

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Thank you for your message.

For chrome extensions I’m not that worried because many on windows still use desktop mail clients so I should still be able to reach them.

The real issue is that one you mentioned. But indie developer will always find a way :pray:

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