RplyBot - Use GPT for Easy Email and SMS Replies

I’d like to introduce a tool I’ve been working on called RplyBot. Using OpenAI’s API services, RplyBot aims to simplify and expedite the process of replying to emails, SMS, and other forms of messages.

How Does RplyBot Work?

  1. Paste Your Message: Copy the email, SMS, or any other message you’ve received and paste it into RplyBot.
  2. Provide Brief Instructions: Specify the tone and content you’d like in your reply. Whether it’s a business email or a personal text, a little guidance goes a long way.
  3. Generate a Reply: Hit the “Generate” button, and RplyBot will instantly produce a tailored response.

I’ve set it to 100 free replies per day to keep the cost low. Please give it a try and let me know what you think.

For those interested in giving it a try, you can visit rplybot.com.

I look forward to your thoughts and suggestions.

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This looks really useful , an automated reply generator could be a huge time saver, The interface seems super user-friendly. I’ll definitely be giving RplyBot a try for my emails. Kudos on finding such a clever application. :clap:


Hi senols,

Your site needs to contain a clear link to your privacy policy to comply with various data protection legislation around the world and you also need to specify that you are using OpenAI products and which ones, as it stands at the moment it has neither, let me know when this has been done and I’ll re-list this thread.

Hi Foxabilo,

Please check again the homepage: https://rplybot.com and navigate to the bottom of the page and click Privacy & Policy.

You can also access it directly from here: https://rplybot.com/privacy-policy.html

I have also added the usage of GPT-4 model in the privacy section.

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