GPT-3 is one click away on your Mac

Elephas is an AI writing assistant for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. One friction my users reported was that choosing an action had a little friction.
They needed to choose the menu from the status bar or use the hotkeys. To address this, I have now introduced a powerful floating menu panel that makes it incredibly easy to use the GPT-3 features.


Click Ctrl + Spacebar, and this will open a floating menu right at your cursor point. You can use the navigation keys or the mouse to select an action. Don’t you like the Ctrl + Spacebar combination? You can customize it.

Elephas helps busy creators and professionals save time on day-to-day tasks like writing emails, documents, blogs, and social media content. With Elephas, you can use AI to improve your writing without ever leaving your favorite app.

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cool idea :slight_smile:

However “try for free by spending money”? It’s a kind of steep cost before trying it as well.

Maybe if it has dozens of types of refactoring in that list such as “concise summery of selected text”, “reasoned argument against the points made in the last paragraph” and “translate all text to Chinese”. It’d be nice if it was contextual as well, so “break up into bullet points” for example doesn’t show up if it’s already in bullet points.


Thanks. Not sure if you already have Elephas or not. Elephas has a 7-day free trial (uses Gumroad). It has a lot of useful features, including the Smart Reply feature, rewrite, and so on.

You can find some of them here in this playlist,

It also has utility features, such as Keynote presentation creator, Excel formula generator, and a few more.

Here are the details, Elephas | Knowledge Base

Did I answer your concern? I am happy to share more details.