An AI reply assistant for emails and social media tools

Replying to emails is an integral part of professional life, and with social media tools, digital life requires more time to manage.

I have added a new feature called “Smart Reply” to the Elephas AI writing assistant for Mac. Smart Reply makes it incredibly easy to reply to your emails and social media messages with just one click. It identifies the client, whether it is a Gmail app or a Twitter post, and then adjusts the replies accordingly. The real advantage here is that it can automatically fill in the response in the reply area.

Here is a video,

It can automatically detect the source language and reply in that language. It should work in all popular tools, such as,

  • Gmail
  • Apple Mail
  • Outlook Web
  • Slack
  • Teams
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Discord

Here is the website

Let me know if you have any feedback.


Well done! Congratulations. Good luck on the launch. Let us know how it goes!


Sure, thank you. Some of my users are already using it.


Yeah, one thing I’ve noticed is that the more I work on my tool and the more features I add, the better it sells. Haha. I just wish I had more time/resources!


Are you also building a tool for Windows Computers?

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Hi, it will be very interesting if the same integration works also with freshdesk, do you think it s possible to integrate?


That should be pretty easy to integrate

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Curious if you know the average token spend of your users via their api keys, should be very easy to get these stats anonymously if not already done

btw, nice job on the “many” integrations :+1:


Not right now. Only for Apple devices.

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Let me explore this. I have not used it, but I think will be useful to many users.

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I think elephas is a great idea! Integration is not bad, I guess as good as macs allow it to. But the pricing is just too much for me. I watched all the demos and was like: I want this. Then I saw the pricing and was put off completely. 5 per month for the pro+ is the absolute maximum I would pay. Especially because I need to use my own api. tbh the standard version for 5 is limited in a way I feel almost insulted or at least ripped off. Like limiting openais normal capabilities even though I use my own API. really, reserving understanding code for the pro version even though openai can always do this made me angry enough to totally wait for your competition, which will be there soon enough, to give me a better deal.


The pro plan is mainly for iOS and multi-device access. Otherwise, the standard plan works for most cases, including the newly launched Superbrain. You can load PDFs, Docx, and web pages; see SuperBrain: Bring your own data to Elephas on your Mac. - YouTube for more information related to Super brain.

Superbrain seems interesting!

Here a situation of daily academic work in the human sciences:

I’m writing a paper, I have 50 other papers as pdfs which I quote for my work. I would like to ask ChatGPT about all those papers. For example: is there evidence for…? and then I need to know which papers do find evidence. Who said that …, then I need the source paper. Or “is there a relationship between… and why and who”

In short, academics need a superbrain which they can ask about papers and then the superbrain tells them which papers. now THAT would be worth the money for me in split second.

The Super brain can already show the source content. Soon, it will also point to the specific file/pdf/document.

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Ok, that sounds very very good! Now you have me hooked!

Small Feedback:
After installing the App, the onboarding window pops up. You go through the process up to the first onboarding video. After watching the video, the “right” arrow does nothing, the “left” arrow goes back. There is no way to finish the onboarding but the top left corner of the window. Clicking there feels like aborting the process. It works fine afterwards, but is a uncommon way to finish an onboarding and is disconcerting for a user.

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True, I am bringing in a completely new design with the next release, that will take care of this.

I’d like to share some feedback.
I’m responsible for part of the ICT in the school I work. I send a weekly AI-newsletter to teachers with tipps and recommendations.

Here some feedback I got concerning Elephas and why not a single one of the teachers has opted to get Elephas even though almost everybody was absolutely thrilled by the concept.

  1. Two subscriptions - OpenAI and Elphas - Not technically a problem, but simply too expensive for most to even consider.

  2. No REAL free version. Just free trial which still requires to do a subscription. Proposal do a truly free version with very limited features, for example only three snipplets, fix grammar, rewrite only in three tones, continue only three sentences. Once people use it they are gonna want more tones, own tones, more snipplets, more continuation, brain.

  3. A subscription with limited devices is outdated. In times of cloud it is expected that a subscription can be used whereever you are personally logged in. Most people here use two laptops (private and work) a private phone and a school tablet. That is already 4 devices and the subscription price hike has been received as outrageous here.

imho, as a subscriber, the only one I could convince was myself, I can say that this app has the potential to be huge. The concept is brilliant. The super brain, the snipplets, the tones. These are all absolutely brilliant ideas!

But I must say the above three points are massively putting off the average user (who are what can make something huge). Imho you have to be aware that others will copy this. For sure. And once there are multiple products doing the same thing the one giving out free copies (not trials) will always win. We have seen this countless times. The freemium concept is what works.

Furthermore, if a competitor does the charging for the API themselves (like include some tokens, the rest is pay-per use) this will absolutely be much simpler for the enduser and will be prefered. Last but not least, if a competitor does not limit devices and is cheaper in general, this will also be easily prefered.
Right now you can get earlyadopters as customers even though these things are prohibiting the average user.

But imho you really should, even without much competition, already work on building a large “fan base” which is not only made up of early-adopters and geeks like me. They will spread the word, they will stay loyal. I have outlined above, how you can get more of those on board.

Just my thoughts based on the feedback I got.

Bug report: Snipplet is not synced to other computer until it is opened in manager and saved again.

I appreciate your feedback. Let me review and come up with a plan.