Alice: macOS Assistant App with Long-Term Memory, Global Shortcuts and Remote Actions

Hey there :wave:

I like the idea of accessing GPT-4 wherever I want, in every application, without needing to switch context. Additionally, I really miss personalization, long-term memory, and going beyond answers to take actions. As a result, I’ve created a desktop app (Tauri/SvelteKit/Pinecone).

It looks like this:

And its main features include:

  • ChatUI which uses GPT-4 and a streaming option to get results right away
  • User-defined snippets for prompts.
  • Snippets can be used directly in a chat or through global keyboard shortcuts.
  • App has access (read/write) to the clipboard, so it can work on selected text.
  • Snippets may perform a remote action which sends information and get it back (like ChatGPT Plugins)
  • Alice has a long-term memory, built with SQLite and Pinecone
  • Alice memories are also stored in Airtable, so I can use them on my iPhone (via Shortcuts) and even Apple Watch Ultra (voice interaction &

Thanks to global keyboard shortcuts, I can use predefined snippets wherever I want.
Logic of remote actions is built in (similar concept to Zapier), so it’s really flexible and relatively easy to build.

What do you think, guys?

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