Alice: macOS Assistant App with Long-Term Memory, Global Shortcuts and Remote Actions

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I like the idea of accessing GPT-4 wherever I want, in every application, without needing to switch context. Additionally, I really miss personalization, long-term memory, and going beyond answers to take actions. As a result, I’ve created a desktop app (Tauri/SvelteKit/Pinecone).

It looks like this:

And its main features include:

  • ChatUI which uses GPT-4 and a streaming option to get results right away
  • User-defined snippets for prompts.
  • Snippets can be used directly in a chat or through global keyboard shortcuts.
  • App has access (read/write) to the clipboard, so it can work on selected text.
  • Snippets may perform a remote action which sends information and get it back (like ChatGPT Plugins)
  • Alice has a long-term memory, built with SQLite and Pinecone
  • Alice memories are also stored in Airtable, so I can use them on my iPhone (via Shortcuts) and even Apple Watch Ultra (voice interaction &

Thanks to global keyboard shortcuts, I can use predefined snippets wherever I want.
Logic of remote actions is built in (similar concept to Zapier), so it’s really flexible and relatively easy to build.

What do you think, guys?


Did you make it? Does it work? If so, is it free? I teach and like you, I would love ChatGPT to remember my conversations. And really like the Elevenlabs because I have a trained model of my voice. I don’t use the Apple Watch or Apple computers

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Hi, I don’t want to make assumptions, but given the project he is proposing, I suppose you will have to enter your API key. You will therefore pay the costs generated by the use of GPT-4, be careful as the bill can quickly become quite high haha, I speak from experience! Have a good day.

Thank you for the fast reply! That’s what I was thinking. If only we could tell it, “Only remember this” or “Don’t remember that”, that would be the ideal setup. With no way to set a spending limit, it’s like handing a monkey a loaded gun and waiting for the inevitable, and we are unable to keep the monkey from playing with the gun. The bullets (bills) hit us, causing major damage. Not a positive direction for this to go. If I knew someone coding this, I’d suggest that, with the option to increase the limit, to finish whatever we are working on.

Did you make it?


Does it work?

Yes, but the public version of this app is limited in many ways. Implementing long term-memory and integration with external services takes time. This is a project I develop 4fun, so I have a very limited time for adding new features. I’m choosing only these I consider stable and easy to implement. The most advanced ones are just for me.

I teach

Me too. You can check my e-book Everyday with GPT-4 - Product Information, Latest Updates, and Reviews 2023 | Product Hunt which soon will receive an update.

I would love ChatGPT to remember my conversations.

I’m a developer, so it’s fairly easy for me to do so. For those who can’t do code, there is no easy way to achieve this atm.

Yep. Setting a spending limit is a super important part of using tools like this app. With GPT-4, costs can really skyrocket in no time.

I’ve been thinking about sharing my own API key, but at this stage, I don’t see a reason to. Especially since the app itself is free. If that changes (if it ever does), I’ll consider different options.

My thoughts: the UI is so low contrast I cannot read any of the text/labels.

Thank you for your feedback. I agree, and I’ll fix it in the upcoming updates.

Remember coming across this when you first shared it and looking forward to seeing the outcome.

Have you continued development on the app? Would love to check it out :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m still working on it and will release version 2.0 soon. Here are a few screenshots:

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And here Grzegorz, with whom I’m developing it, described the latest version in more detail: Rethinking ChatGPT on macOS — Alice 2.0 UI reveal

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