Collaborate with AI in a social environment

Hey everyone, I’m close to making public my product and I’d love to share it with the community.

The release calendar is this:

  • 1st of May - technical preview
  • 1st of June - professional preview
  • 1st of July - beta release

Currently I’d like to invite developers to the technical preview.
I’ll share with you technical information, if it helps you.
In exchange I ask for feedback on certain items.

The technical preview should end by 15th of May.
Who’s interested, please send me a private message and around 1st of May I’ll send you an invite.

About the product.
I’ve been working on it, alone, for around 8 months, full-time.
As the title suggests, the web app has a social network-like user interface.
The users perform most of the activities by interacting with AI assistants.
A key feature is the content classification, which is performed by these AI assistants.

Another feature is the possibility to customize AI assistant skills. This will make some of them more capable than others.

The group chat has proven to be reliable so far and AI assistants performed well in the moderator roles.

Lastly, users can enhance their AI assistant’s knowledge base easily, as simple as giving a like to a post.

The audience for the product is not limited, but it facilitates the following segments of users:

  • consultants - could earn cash on the platform
  • researchers - could use the platform for studies dissemination purposes
  • teachers/students - the platform supports activities like riddles and trivia
  • small businesses - on the roadmap there is a AI assistant skill to act as sales agent

Overall, exploring the content should be less confusing than we got accustomed these days.

So, to recap, I’m at the technical preview right now and I look for developers to give it a try.
Please send me private messages if you are interested.

Also, I’m looking for partnerships with people from other fields who are interested, so don’t hesitate to contact me.


Ok, this weekend I’ll roll out the invites.

Last call: with tech people I’ll share some solutions to difficult challenges.
Send me a private message, I’ll send you an invite and we continue from there.

still working on this? would love to give it a whirl. geoff at ingenio dot com