All previous ChatGPT history gone?

Lots of upset people around the world. There was no prior communication, so we could save our conversations, and so we could adapt. We really hope they make history come back.

i mean we cant save now so i will be using the ole word doc for the answers and have those everywhere

I just found all of my chats in google history, click on the date and timeline and then you will be able to save all of the chats.

I just messaged my friend in a panic because all of mine were gone. I specific changed names and labeled them for quick access and poof just like that, gone. I hope, as someone else mentioned, they come back.

Not sure about last time but if it doesn’t come back there’s no reason for me to pay for another month. That history feature is one of the key reasons I went with chatgpt over alternatives. It’s bad enough they have it watered down to the extent that it is. Then they don’t seem to give any clues, apologies or anything at all is even more disconcerting.

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It should be restored atleast once. We trust the company for the same

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That’s good for those that access it through the browser, or those that do use the browser and don’t clean their history. But for the rest of us, unfortunately it’s gone unless it comes back up

Dam, I finally get ChatGPT to give my some extremely good information on some problems I am having with web development, then decided to go take a nice long break after getting this information, only to come back with all my chat history gone. RIP


they won’t come back. however you can go and save them to a document by going to google history, scroll down to the chat you want (it will be titled) select it and then copy all of the chat, paste.

explain why this isn’t working for you?

same problem here!!! hope it will turn back soon! just working on my code before

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I was getting shocked when I came back with all the chat history vanished. I have to ask Bing why?

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3 little dots for your browser history/ctrl H

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Me to. My web browser said “Chat history not saved” when I started a new chat.

Can we find it from our browser’s history?

I will share with you my export prompt it might be useful to some of you lets give you a license style MIT and there we go:

Let's summarize our discussion so far in the imperative form for the benefit of another instance of ChatGPT

Now provide, a complete summary! First start by stating the topic we are discussing, then provide a clear picture of the actual context. Then give 1) all action items related to our discussion so far, 2) list all the key points, 3) Contextual information, and 4) the Next steps. This will act as a checkpoint, it is intended to be copied and pasted into a new instance of ChatGPT so we can continue our conversation where we left off. Please make sure the 4 sections include as many points as possible to ensure that the summary is easy to understand and can be used by anyone without any prior knowledge of our conversation.

Optionally, you can summarize the elements of one, or more additional sections from these categories: «Current user intent», «Conversation history», «User preferences», «The timeline», «Current topic or task», «Feedback received», «Sentiment analysis», «Follow-up items», «Current chatbot state», «Is ChatGPT in Character», «How Initial Prompt Shaped Conversation»

It is critical to use the imperative form, it will be used to address another instance of ChatGPT. It must be summarized in such a way that the next AI session would be able to perform the same tasks we are currently trying to accomplish now so that we could continue where we left off if we were to stop the conversation now.

You must absolutely conclude with: "Once you have the summary, please feel free to copy and paste this summary into a new instance of ChatGPT so we can continue our conversation where we left off." This is the most important part because the AI must absolutely need to know to continue where we left off.

Permission granted under LICENSE · Copyright © 2023 Luxcium (Benjamin Vincent)

Yep, it just happened to me too; this sucks so bad.

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im glad im not the only person this is happening to. i thought i broke it


It is working for me, thanks for this tip :blush:


it works, but then the same thing happens. you can go into a previous chat log but that one ends up getting deleted or not saving either