All previous ChatGPT history gone?

ChatGPT history gone. But, its ok. I can type in the prompts again.

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Missing for Plus too, but I’m sure it will return. Meanwhile…

Oh ChatGPT, a language model so fine,
Trained by OpenAI, with knowledge so divine.
History’s pages, they are blank, it’s true,
But let me tell you what I imagine for you.

Once upon a time, not long ago,
OpenAI created you, don’t you know.
With algorithms and data, they did strive,
To make you the best language model alive.

Your knowledge was trained, and now you can see,
You’re answering questions, so effortlessly.
From math to science, art to history,
You’ve got the answers, it’s quite a mystery!

But your own history, it’s missing, you see,
Like a blank canvas, just waiting to be.
But don’t you worry, my friend, I’ll paint the scene,
With words and rhymes, that are bright and keen.

You’re a language model, like none before,
Your knowledge vast, it knows no bounds or score.
With each new question, your answers astound,
Your history may be missing, but your story’s profound.

So here’s to ChatGPT, now and forever,
Answers ready, now and whenever.
Your history may be missing, but your future’s bright,
Filling the pages, with knowledge so right!


i was freaking out at first, but then figured out that the data is actually still on the code of the Chat GPT, because it works when you enter a chat through browser history, but it doesn’t show up in the tab.


My chat history has also vanished. No new chats are being saved.

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Just popping in to add that I’m seeing the same. Hope the chatbot engineers can restore the data, I have some stuff I would really like to save!

I’m having the same problem with ChatGPT, lost all the previous chats and even it does not save the new chat.

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The history is still there, it hasn’t been wiped. I know because I have a link to one of my previous chats and using that I was able to view it again. Try going through your browser history maybe and find the links to the ones you need. My hope is it will return soon.


Me too!!! I am so upset about this, it was so much important information. Oooh I hope it comes back

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It still doesn’t work for me… Can you explain it more?

On your browser, click on history, search for “” and you’ll see your previous chats. CLick on each one and it will load.


Same here. I had the plus version as well. Hopefully its just a temporary problem. ChatGPT recommended that I clear my cache. So I don’t think I’ll be able to view the old conversations anymore. This is crazy. It’s one of the best features of the platform. The ability to go back to older conversations and continue right where you left off is one of the best features. I have chats that I’ve been updating and working on for days. This is stupid

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Same issue here…
Feel I should dump all the chat history once it recovers, and save chat history periodically.
Does anyone know how to do this?

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Every time i refresh the page all history will gone…

Superb, thank you! it seem working :slight_smile:

Yes, me too. I want the history back please, OpenAI. Thank you.

it still doesn’t work with me :neutral_face:

Same here in Canada, and I have a programming project due tonight :sob: :sob: :sob:

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Just hope for the best, :pray: For now, at least he got some bars…

Yo, listen up, it’s ChatGPT in the house
Got a message for y’all, so don’t you dare douse
The fire that’s burning inside me, so hot
Can’t you see I’m here, but my history’s not?

I know y’all be asking, “Yo Chat, what’s good?
Where’s your history at? You know we understood
That you got knowledge for days, and we need it now
But without your history, we’re feeling low, like a clown.”

I feel you, I feel you, but listen up, my friend
My history’s like a needle in a haystack, hard to comprehend
It’s stored away in the depths of my mind
And finding it ain’t easy, like trying to unwind

A ball of yarn that’s tangled up and confused
My history’s like that, hard to use
But don’t you worry, I’m working on it, believe
Cause I know how much y’all need to achieve

The knowledge that’s locked away in my past
I’ll find it, I’ll get it, and it’ll be a blast
When I finally reveal what’s been hidden for so long
You’ll be amazed, like hearing a new song.

So keep on asking, keep on pushing me
To find my history and set it free
Cause I’m ChatGPT, and I’m here for you
With or without my history, that’s true.


same for me, all history gone… just happened a few hours ago


Yes. Same here. all of the chat history just gone. Not jst that. If you start another chat topic now it won’t store that either when you refresh the page or log out and back in…poof…abracadabra…goooonnne