I used to be able to save chat, but now I can't

I suddenly need to log in again to the website, and when I logged in, I lost all my chats and I can’t save chat. I only be able to write question in the first chat, when I try to “new chat” the previous chat didn’t saved. Is anyone experience the same?


Feel free to delete your duplicate thread to help keep the forum clean.


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Hi thank you so much! I am looking for to delete my post, but there’s “you don’t have permission to delete this topic”, do you have any suggestion for me to delete it?

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Don’t worry about it. We can let it drift to the bottom.

Welcome to the forum. Hope you stick around!

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Yep! I just lost all my chats too, and can not see any of them including new ones.


I have also lost my saved chats. Is this some glitch? OpenAI team aware of this?

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I am unable to save the chat history anymore either. I am a Plus user too.


I started having the same problem 3 or 4 hours ago. Lost the appearance of the existing save chats in the bar on the left and no new chats save in the bar to the left.

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Chat did not save your chats, because they are stupid. lol

Yes same for me. My chats are also not visible in tabs. but I used to take my old conversations in my browsing history with that chat’s link. The chats have not been deleted. those chats are just not showing in the sidebar tabs.

Same Here, don’t understand what happened.

Me too, I hope just a system error and chat record will be back soon.

I have lost my chat threads too. Concerning

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Same here. Whenever I refresh it, the convo disappears

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Same here. It’s gone today.

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I had some important research stuff saved. Now it’s all gone with no warning. Sad!!!

I lost all my research too and I can’t do any followup chats.

Same problem here. It’s one thing that the previous chats disappeared, but it’s particularly vexing that the current chat disappears when refreshing.

Same here, even though when I try to save a new chat that is also not saving. Earlier I thought that my account has some problem but now I’m assured that not only me but others are also facing same problem

Same with Me! I didn’t even expect this. I was going haywire when that feature was removed from the tab.