Aibtra: a small open-source desktop tool for refining texts, based on OpenAI


Over the past months, I have pieced together a small desktop application that assists me in proofreading and reviewing small texts. I mainly use it for writing emails and some technical texts as part of my daily tasks.

In my experience, GPT does an incredible job at proofreading and refining text in general. However, not every suggested change fits, so I have built the tool around a ‘diff’ view that allows merging the original text with the AI-refined version. Packaging GPT this way has proven to enhance productivity and quality for my writing tasks.

The project is still in its early stages (alpha), but it should be functional enough now to showcase it to a broader audience, and I believe it might interest others in this community as well. The project can be found on GitHub.

I have been using it in “production” on Windows for a while now. There are also (almost untested) bundles available for Linux and macOS.

The tool is built using technologies that I’m familiar with from my past work (Swing) and technologies that I’m interested in learning more about (Kotlin, GitHub Actions). I’m open to improvement suggestions in all aspects :slight_smile:


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