Come collab on a copy editor project!

Hey everyone!

I’ve been working on this copy editing tool that will parse through a .txt document of pretty much any length (up to 16 MB), submitting small chunks to OpenAI’s API. The user gets back a document corrected for grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. I’ve found that ChatGPT can find all sorts of mistakes that Word cannot, and there’s lots of potential to build more options for the writer to specify what editing they want. They could specify which style manual to follow, depth of editing (maybe they want style suggestions), or ask GPT to rewrite the text "in the style of [specified author or text].

This is, so far, a very simple project that would be easy for you to jump into. I’ve got a small Discord group started, with four people in it so far. If you’re looking to get your first experience collaborating on Github and making commits–especially if you have interest in Python, ChatGPT, editing, or frontend development–then this is a great project for you!

Also, if someone out there is an experienced developer in Python and AI, we do need at least one mentor figure to answer questions and do a call every now and then. I especially need help making sure the environment is set up correctly, and we will eventually want to implement a registration system and have it hosted, which will need a bit of guidance.

Currently this is a web project that uses a standard Flask environment with the OpenAI library installed. If you run and navigate to localhost:5000, you’ll see the page. Enter your API key and submit a .txt file for editing to see what it does. The ReadMe explains some ideas I have on what needs improving. If you find yourself interested in these topics but need help getting started, let me know and I’ll try to help you get an environment and a clone set up.

Hey there - I am interested in working with you and collaborate. Let me know if you still need any assistance.