CodeRabbit - AI-based code reviewer

Hello readers!

Our team has built an AI-driven code review tool that significantly helps improve dev velocity and code quality. This tool came about because of our frustration with the code review process. In the past, we invested in several tools to speed up the process, e.g., stacked pull requests, but the biggest speed-up we have seen is due to this AI reviewer tool. This tool has been so effective that we gained enough confidence to allow our devs to merge PRs after they resolve all the AI comments and ping other developers only when they need a second opinion.

Its unique features are:

  • Line-by-line code change suggestions: Reviews the changes line by line and provides code change suggestions that can be directly committed from the GitHub/GitLab UI.
  • Continuous, incremental reviews: Reviews are performed on each commit within a pull request rather than a one-time review on the entire pull request.
  • Chat with the bot: Supports conversation with the bot in the context of lines of code or entire files, helpful in providing context, generating test cases, and reducing code complexity.
  • Smart review skipping: By default, skips in-depth review for simple changes (e.g., typo fixes) and when changes look good for the most part.

We would love the community to try it out in their GitHub repos and provide feedback! We will happily answer any technical questions regarding the sophisticated prompt engineering we did for this project.

Link -

PS: I hope this post comes across as something other than aggressive promotion. We genuinely wanted to share this project with this community and help speed up the agile feedback loop, one bottleneck at a time!

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