Force Multiplier: Modify Web Apps by Providing Verbal Feedback

Hello everyone! I’m excited to share a project that I’ve been working on, called Force Multiplier.

It allows you to modify any text (including code) just by speaking your thoughts. Force Multiplier can take into account your verbal feedback and will use GPT-4 to modify your document before your eyes.

The goal is to allow humans to review the work of machines and provide feedback until the machine arrives at our desired output.

This demo video might give you a better idea of how it works:

And here’s the GitHub repo: GitHub - lspahija/force-multiplier: Use AI to edit your documents in real-time. Provide feedback and let the AI do all the work.

You can try it out here:

I’m eager to hear your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions on improving Force Multiplier. Or if you want to contribute or collaborate, that would be fantastic! Looking forward to the discussion.