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AI-daily news is an open-source project and being continuously updated. It’s an AI-generated news podcast🎙 customized to the personal preferences.

:bulb: Stay informed on AI advancements in a few-minute AI-gen podcast.

:bulb: Providing the most important, low-hype AI news but a wide range of insights–Technology news, Podcasts, Technology blogs, and Cutting-edge papers.

:bulb: Customize the podcast style to tailor the personal listening experience.

:arrow_right: Check it out at and leave your thoughts!

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Hi, I’m Xuying, the developer of AI-daily news. AI-daily news is designed to address information overload for AI enthusiasts.

The primary functionalities are built upon langchain and openai. The frontend interface is developed using streamlit, complemented by some HTML, JS, and CSS. If you’re interested in any other technical details or ideas, feel free to leave your thoughts!

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