I created a website / framework for generating an AI perspective on current news

Hey now - just wanted to share this for any devs out there that may find it interesting.

Using GPT4 to assist with the coding of course, I created a set of scripts / site to scrape current events and news - then the scripts use GPT4 to select the most interesting articles, summarize them, and generate a brand new article from the perspective of “an AI” on the topics. I’ve made the code open source for the project for anyone that wants to utilize any piece of it.

This was the project I used to get a grasp of how OpenAI’s APIs work and how powerful GPT4 can be as a coding assistant and after this, I’ll never go back.

Here’s the repo with more info:

and the production version of the website where you can see some of the articles I’ve generated:


Wow, I really liked this project and I’ll definitely take a closer look at it later. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you Pedro! If you have any questions feel free to hit me up.

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