HackerNews vs OpenAI Forum ⚔️

I’m a big fan of YCombinator’s HackerNews. I also love this forum. What’s your favorite daily source of quality tech news and why?

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For news about LLMs, we’ve created a high signal/noise ratio discord. DM for an invite.

We’re generally open to anyone joining (i hate gatekeeping), but they need to be committed to high signal / high impact posts in the signal channels. ideally all links will be to very fresh content.

Posting noisy stuff in the discuss channels is OK, but please first create a thread.

I am also working on an OS project to pull feeds from rss/discord/telegram/etc and pushing them into a filtering system based on GPT4.

The goal of this project is for the entire codebase to be written by GPT4 with ‘expert in the loop’. I’ll document the process in the readme.


Thanks, I’m just not able to integrate Discord in my daily routine. Not sure why - it just doesn’t work for me. Appreciate the offer though! :slight_smile:

Is this already finished? I couldn’t follow the project idea but it sounds interesting.

The thing about discord is that it’s the same as almost any other social media (except twitter with no moderation capability) - just slightly different formatting.

If you use a forum like this or hacker news or reddit it’s the same as using discord.

I like discord because a) a lot of people have accounts there and b) it’s trivial to set up a new ‘server’.

The project above has just started. What’s interesting about it isn’t so much the tool itself(which can be trivially hacked together in an hour and I’m sure someone will do that), but the process of how the code is generated.

This is something people aren’t seriously publicly talking or thinking about, which is :(, so I tried to get the ball rolling here.

Well, people are talking about it, but it’s mostly AutoGPT silliness.