Advanced Data Analysis GPT-4 | Excel Files

GPT-4 (Advanced Data Analysis/Code Interpreter)work with excel files.

When there are merged cells in an Excel file, chatgpt is very stupid and produces endless errors. Briefly: cells move out, chatgpt is mistaken when there are merged cells in the file, it does not perceive them

ChatGPT #bugs #errors

I’m informing you about the error, maybe something can be done

The data analysis AI only writes python code.

The python code it writes must use python libraries capable of importing data. The AI can’t see the contents of the Excel file before the use of these libraries, code which may have poor translation of excel cells into python structures if they use advanced formatting.

Ask ChatGPT how to solve this problem with the python libraries it uses and the code it writes.

Excel format will be broken
Whan asking GPT to fill out the form and provide download link
Has anyone solved?

I’ve managed to ask AI before to interact with excel files before, and even make diagrams of the data for me. Then, I encountered an error during the last couple of days. Now, the GPT says it cant, and never has been able to, interact with excel files. I sent it a screen shot of my previous interaction when it indeed could, and then it says that it had to been a previous model or another website :). Is it not possible anymore, to make GPT interact with excel files and make diagrams based of it?

Same, here, I can not upload any excel files. I can using my account on another computer however. Did you have any breakthrough on this?