Account-related problems are disabled, how can I unblock it, need to provide some help, trouble background personnel saw the reply, has subscribed to PLUS


Your account has been deactivated. Please contact us through our help center at if you need assistance.

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My account content:

Clear reply to my content, I very much need the relevant support staff in the background to unban my account, because I do not have any illegal content, help, just asked me some basic questions, the account was blocked, rest Qing saw the trouble reply, I need this account very much, need everyone’s help, I also hope to build a wonderful community

I hope to see the staff of this community, can quickly reply to my questions, I really need this account now to help me solve the problem, just opened the PLUS version, and the related account was banned last night, through the email and Twitter have left a message, but did not get the corresponding reply, hope OPENAI community staff can see my reply, this account “” It’s really not because of asking some illegal questions, I just need some technical support, thank you to the community staff