Please recover my account

Recently (around 20:00 in Japan) , I asked some simple questions about microeconomics using your brand-new ChatGPT API. But just after I asked the third question, you sent an email themed “Access Terminated”, but I haven’t asked for anything illegal or harmful content. I am a personal user, and I never attempt to post the response generated from your API. I would like to know the EXACT reason why I am banned. If your system misjudged the situation, please recover my account, thanks.

Here is the email you sent me:

Hi there,
After a thorough investigation, we have determined that you or a member of your organization are using the OpenAI API in ways that violate our policies.
Due to this breach we are halting access to the API immediately for the organization Personal. Common reasons for breach include violations of our [content policy], or accessing the API from an [unsupported location]. You may also wish to review our [Terms of Use].
If you believe this is in error and would like to appeal, please contact us through our [help center]. We will review appeals within one business day and will contact you if we reinstate access to the API.
The OpenAI team

Anyone plz take a look at my post. I tried to send an email to, only to find the email “undeliverable”.