Account disabled - verify my age

Good morning, I received the following e-mail:
“Your account has been disabled because you did not verify your age within 60 days from when you signed up. To comply with legal requirements in Italy, we need to confirm that our users are old enough to use ChatGPT.”
How can verify my age now, in order to restore access to ChatGPT?
Thank you in advance

You should contact and send them a message explaining the situation.
It may be faster if you create a new account and proceed to verify your age.



The age verification came about as a requirement of the Italian government.



Could you please provide images related to the age verification process? I haven’t seen them, and having a reference would be helpful when assisting others with similar issues.

I only received the email saying the account was disabled, but I don’t know how to verify my age or what process shall I follow…

I don’t know or have new answers for that.

The info provided by @vb is the same I would give


Found nothing related to age verification for using ChatGPT.

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Hey folks, I pinged our support team to get a help center created with more details. Hang tight! Edit, we have an article:


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