Italy orders ChatGPT blocked citing data protection concerns

Italy orders ChatGPT blocked citing data protection concerns

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Is there any privacy? Not a rhetorical question. Also, isn’t this going to be integrated in the current internet? So banning it is pointless right?

Yes, I wonder if they’re planning on banning tomorrow’s weather as well.

I don’t know how to re-open the welcome tab in the playground, but it does mention that anything entered is not stored. ChatGPT on the other hand I imagine is stored with any personal identification being stripped.

It’s madness. Every corporation collects so much information from us. How is this different?

OpenAI since the company is not actively preventing people under the age of 13 from signing up to use the chatbot, such as by applying age verification technology.

Inserts a “Are you over 13” checkbox. Age verification technology baby - it’s what everyone else does.

Google’s processing of personal data in that context (internet search) did not get struck down by EU regulators over the lawfulness of processing point, seemingly on the grounds that it was providing a public utility.


My favorite part is

[…] it has disclosed that earlier models were trained on data scraped from the Internet, including forums such as Reddit. So if you’ve been reasonably online, chances are the bot knows your name.

You know, I’m feeling like they would scrape the actual links & information, and not the arguments in the comments over white & brown bread. I also feel pretty confident they aren’t scrapping my instagram profile. Actually, a couple minutes of searching and one can easily find out that from Reddit it’s "all outbound Reddit links from posts with 3+ upvotes. ". The bread arguments and the OP “SlamMasterJay”, are safe.

Regardless, I really doubt they are including random names and identifiable information in their training data. They seem to imply that training data is just coal that is thrown into the fire when there is actually an extensive refinement process involved.

Moreover, ChatGPT has been shown producing completely false information about named individuals, apparently making up details its training data lacks. That potentially raises further GDPR concerns, since the regulation provides Europeans with a suite of rights over their data, including the right to rectification of errors.

I like how they managed to make it seem bad for “knowing who you are”, and also “for not knowing who you are”. I feel like John Smith could make a killing with this regulation. In fact, if there’s a RonaldGRuckus out there, I am screwed.

I completely understand the privacy concerns. I believe privacy is a huge issue that isn’t being fairly handled by anyone. These arguments are completely shallow (in my opinion).

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Also see

This if of historical value because it has specific time stamps.

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