ChatGPT children app policy

I’m developing an app targeted for children and I was considering incorporating the ChatGPT api into it. Does anyone know if there are restrictions on this. I know that OpenAI’s Terms of use require you to be 13 to use their services but I was wondering if this is for using an OpenAI account or if this extends to apps using ChatGPT as well. I also did not see any mention of an age restriction on their Usage policies page.

This will almost certainly not be allowed. You should not do this.

“send us any personal information of children under 13 or the applicable age of digital consent.”

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Is the pertinent section from the privacy policy.

One of the important points of the matter is that of storage of information regarding or by children, if the API is used then that will not be the case other than the 30 days legally required for compliance purposes. I don’t know if that is a potential issue or not, but it’s something that would need legal advise.

You could try reaching out on the website and using the bot in the bottom right corner to ask a question, it may be some time before you receive a reply though.

New Photoshop Generative tools require you to be 13 as well… Depending on where you live, there might be other laws/regulations you need to follow.

I had seen that the api retains information for 30 days but according to the api privacy policy here you can request zero data retention . I’ve reached out to OpenAI directly but I’ve been waiting quite a while for there response. I suppose I can just keep waiting.

I’m also interested in developing something for kids. Did you get a response yet?

Here the issue is: how OpenAI be sure that a 12yo is using heir tools and how to block such use cases?

I saw lot of them already using tools.