Account deactivated after 2 hours

I know this is not support forums so sorry for posting here, but the support at is non-existent. For the past 4 days all I am getting are same automated responses, as if support is ChatGPT powered.

I’ve paid for ChatGPT Plus. Few hours later the account got deactivated. The only thing that the account has been used was to check a single python code for possible performance improvements. It’s a python code for inserting documents and images to django postgre database.

I have already tried following steps to fix the problem;

  • different browser
  • different computer
  • different phone
  • browser incognito mode
  • vpn and non-vpn connection
  • clearing cache, cookies, session

Here is the procedure;

  1. go to platform…

  2. login with details

  3. after login following messages are shown on top with red color as errors/warnings;
    a) Failed to load subscription for selected organization
    b) Your OpenAI account has been deactivated, please check your email for more information. If you feel this is an error, contact us through our help center at help…

  4. go to chat.

  5. login with same details

  6. get redirected back to login because an http request towards ‘/backend-api/lat/tti’ returns following response;

HTTP/3 401
{“detail”:{“message”:“Your OpenAI account has been deactivated, please check your email for more information. If you feel this is an error, contact us through our help center at”,“type”:“invalid_request_error”,“param”:null,“code”:“account_deactivated”}}

Thank you

Ouch, that stings: You offer OpenAI money; they turn you off.

However one must consider that it has something to do with the payment, and the authenticity of information previously provided, or the type of card information that was returned from the payment processor.

Before you follow exactly the course that the error message says, check that these ducks are all lined up in a row:

  • You are in a supported country:
  • Your banking also is in no way related to an unsupported country.
  • You were not connecting by VPN or other method that would disguise your location or show you bouncing around the globe.
  • The address and billing details that you had input were all consistent with your banking

You can revise one form of your address that is part of your OpenAI account: that which is part of the API account you also have (even if you don’t use the API). Have this all filled out:

Then you get to the “If you feel this is an error, contact us through our help center at” part. Within that page, the lower right icon will open the help assistant where you can send a message. Indicate your need for staff account support (not just some training issue) and that all of your details are corrected and there is no reason for the detected deactivation.

Good luck!

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So, not the best solution… but here it is. I do not want to wait anymore. Might help somebody else in same situation.

This is what I sent to bot.

‘Hello, I have been waiting for days for my issue to get resolved. I do not want to wait anymore. By European Law I am eligible for a refund within 14 days. I am requesting a refund to my card ending with XXXX. My e-mail address is, subscription start date is Dec 19, 2023 XX:XX:XX AM PST, order number is sub_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Immediately issue this refund without holding my funds further.’

This is the response;

’ Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out about this, and sorry for the hassle.

We have refunded your ChatGPT Plus payment. We also made sure your subscription is canceled to prevent future charges. The refund is immediate, but may take up to 10 business days to show up on your bank statement. Depending on your bank, the original charge may be simply removed from your statement instead of being listed as a refund.

You still have access to the free version of ChatGPT. If you change your mind or want to keep your subscription, you can easily reactivate your Plus subscription anytime at by clicking “Upgrade to Plus”.

Thank you for giving us a chance to show you our new products, and we hope to see you back. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reply back anytime and let us know. We also have a lot of additional resources for other questions through our Help Center.

  • OpenAI Team’

Is this statement actually true, or does your account remain deactivated?

Your style of communication may not have made clear the result you actually wanted, which was to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus.

I have already subscribed for ChatGPT Plus. It was active for 2 hours… After refund request the account remains with no access to any ChatGPT. The account remains deactivated. Trying to access always returns the account is deactivated. Yes, my goal was to have ChatGPT Plus, however I have been waiting for 4 days and after multiple generic automated responses I am not willing to wait anymore and have requested a refund while it is still possible. Will ask a friend to buy it for me with his details, that’s all.

I haven’t violated any rules; my account is registered from a supported location, and I only use one laptop and my mobile device to access it. my account is now blocked, and the support team at ChatGPT OpenAI has not given me any information about why my location is suddenly considered unsupported. I’m frustrated with the lack of details and poor support from the chat, and I’m eager to know what steps I can take to quickly restore my account so that i file complaint regarding un authorized without otp transaction from my account

i have same issue i try to contact humans in open ai team but they are not responding .