Accessing ChatGPT GPT-4 model

Hey everyone, Abra here.

So ive been granted access to gpt4 through chatgpt+, but when i ask it what it is, it tells me it is chat gpt3 and gpt4 does not exist and it knows nothing past 2021

Im hoping they will get this resolved this week.

As of now. It only says gpt4 but its not really gpt4

Interesting the other day it gave me references from 2022


is there any info to pay in blocked countries ?

Again…the GPT-3, 3.5 and GPT-4 models were trained with data up to late 2021. The latest model iterations (GPT-4, GPT-3.5, GPT-3) are better working, more efficient models on account of reinforced learning inputs from humans…us !

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yes but currently it says its gpt4 then says its gpt3 in the same conversation and apologies then says gpt4 dosnt exist because it only knows up to 2021. Im excited for the actual roll out of GPT4, in line for the API

Hi guys,
Just paid for GPT plus because i wanna try out the GPT-4 but I’m very disappointed because it’s still in gpt-3 version. Hope they will fix it soon.

same here, I’m triing to reach gpt4 from yesterday :frowning:

Not sure why this happen. This could be a false information for consumer as we have paid to get access but we’re still cannot get the access to the GPT-4 as it being said on the website.

Hope they will fix it soon. I’m looking forward to use GPT-4

So I got an email email from OpenAI saying I’ve been allowed access to OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 API. I wrote a bot to connect to Discord, (or rather I asked ChatGPT-3 to build it for me), and I switched the model to gpt-4, but I’m still getting the same error from before saying the model does not exist. Any ideas?

Part of the problem, I imagine.

Can you show the code? You’re likely not hitting the right endpoint…

I still have that problem too, it reduced from 100 message to 25 message. T_T