Access to Plugins and Public APIs After Discontinuation of ChatGPT Plugins

After OpenAI’s discontinuation of ChatGPT Plugins, are the plugins that were previously available to users still accessible? Additionally, within the framework of GPTs’ actions, if a user has not developed their own API, are there any public APIs that can be utilized by users? Thank you for addressing these queries.



I don’t know if those plugins are available in any form. That’s up to the company that made the plugin. I’m sort-of wondering how they will re-deploy those products, because having them would be useful, for sure.

So far the most useful, mostly code free, free-for-now thing are Zapier’s actions:

It’s built from the old plugin and it connects a CustomGPT to any number of actions, just like zaps. I’ve got it live on a few GPTs for a variety of reasons. It’s very useful, but won’t always be free.

Otherwise I’m looking into the Google API. It’s not “free” but they allow a whole bunch of information passed before they start to charge, you can connect to a Workspace account, and they (apparently) have very easy-to-follow documentation for creating the Open API specifications required. It seems like a good beginning place. (But I’m beginning, so who knows.)

I’m getting up-to-speed by watching this on LinkedIn Learning.

It’s learn or pay.

Hi thinktank,

Thank you for sharing your insights. Your information about Zapier’s actions and the Google API is particularly helpful. It’s great to know there are still some accessible, albeit potentially temporary, solutions available.

Thanks again for your help and looking forward to any more advice you might have!

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There are a plethora of free API. You can just type into Google: GitHub - public-apis/public-apis: A collective list of free APIs.

Also most companies have thier own API page you can look up - which is also free.

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