Is GPT-4 with plugins be accessible via the API?

I’m currently developing a custom plugin and am interested in utilizing existing APIs to facilitate programmatic interaction with it.
I’ve noticed that the chat web client uses the /backend-api/conversation endpoint and references the gpt-4-plugins model with plugin_ids.

Could these be leveraged for my purposes?
Are there any other APIs you would recommend for this task?

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The ChatGPT Plugins ecosystem cannot be used with the API, the two are separate entities, the functionality is similar but not compatible.

OpenAI has announced an enhancement to the API, ‘functions’ can perform much the same purpose as plugins does in chatGPT, with a bit of code on your side, assuming the functionality of the plugin you want to use is also available as an api or web service

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Thanks for responding. I will investigate this.

In my tests, this works only for plugins without OAuth. All other plugins can be accessed through their endpoints.

I built PlugNfunc —— A tool that turns ChatGPT Plugins to functions to by called by API.

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GPT-4 Plugins can be used with the API, if you have the API server code, and have set up an interface for it.

If you dont have direct access to the API, then no.
Its not a typical feature. Though ive been playing with an Alexa app, and ive managed to get it to turn ON then OFF a single lightbulb in a given room upon using a spell casting phrase from harry potter.
(but yeah thats as far as i got. Sorta got bored then.)

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