Do plugins work via API or only ChatGPT?

Is it possible to access plugins through an API prompt - if so with what model(s)?

How about via the OpenAI playground?

Or can I access a plugin only through ChatGPT?


Are there any plans for chatGPT plugins to be available through the API prompt?


I noticed that LangChain has the option to use plugins, but I haven’t had the chance to test it out yet. ChatGPT Plugins — 🦜🔗 LangChain 0.0.167

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I see this response is almost four months old. Is there any plan for playground to support plugins in the future? If so, do you have a date? I really want to make use of the Photorealistic plugin.

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Still no announced plan to support plugins in API/Playground. But generally OpenAI doesn’t pre-announce features. Only we have from OpenAI is a “maybe someday”.


Dear Phil , Is there any progression on building the Plugin ecosystem for APIs?

They made an announcement a while ago.

They just aren’t giving additional users access right now.

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ChatGPT plugins cannot be accessed yet in the API prompt. Even in today’s Dev Day session, there was no indication when this would be available. But they are bringing in the concept of a store - where you can showcase your app!

I was wondering about the plugin via api too. Let’s take the Wolfram plugin as a case study. It seems that we need to invoke a wolfram schema to use their api to get the same effect as ChatGPT w/ plugin. There is a wolfram developer portal. I have not tried langchain yet.

Any updates on plugins via the ChatGPT API?


Closing the loop here, Plugins have now evolved into GPTs. There is no API for plugins nor GPTs today but it is definitely something we have heard feedback from developers wanting more control.