Access to Foundry / higher limits

We’ve been working with OpenAI’s API for over a year, have a production app we’re looking to scale up with several multinational clients, and just closed series A with an 8-figure investment. To meet what’s coming in the next couple of months, we need an orders-of-magnitude improvement to our rate limits as we’re already hitting those on a daily basis, but our request for increased limits has not been responded to. We’d also like Foundry access, but our requests to the sales contact form and to OpenAI chat support have not been responded to either.

Does anyone know a) if there’s some way to get OpenAI to pick up the phone, b) if there are routes or places we should be going to build these connections?

Hi @daniel22

It usually takes 7-10 working days for the rate limit increase.

Given your scaling requirements, I’d recommend using Azure OpenAI Service and scale there.

Also mentioning @logankilpatrick for visibility.


Welcome to the developer forum.

The email is the best place to create contacts within OpenAI for your project, the developer forums are visited by staff members, but I can’t guarantee that your post will be read in a particular timescale.

Also, if your use case is greater than 450M tokens daily, you may benefit from private inferencing and it would be worth reaching out to

Please note that I am not part of OpenAI and I do not represent them in any way.