Access new feature - priority


Do you know what method OpenAI uses to make new functions available in GPT? I’m a long term paying ChatGPT Plus user + paying developer for the API I don’t have access to the new ChatGPT, and a colleague doesn’t pay and has been here for a shorter time and already has access.

Thank you for the explanation

Someone that doesn’t pay has access to ChatGPT Plus?

Perhaps you mean that the are exclusively an active, engaging, feedback-giving ChatGPT user without the distraction of using the API.

Answer, nobody knows and likely nobody is going to give official words that contradict the whole “available now” tone of the DevDay keynote.

He has access new ChatGPT(in his view ALPHA tab) which was yesterday presented. He never pay any $.


He is therefore offering his quality assurance testing services on a corporation’s pre-release products without compensation.

And here I am just chatting it up for free, in the absence of any real tech support, which is easy!

Nobody has figured out a pattern for who is offered the alpha trial gpt-4, but not being a Plus subscriber seems to be the first credential - they’ll use it because they don’t get disgusted and go back to the regular GPT-4.