ChatGPT4 API roll out timeline

Anyone have any info on when the chatgtp4 API will be rolled out to all dev accounts?
I saw an interview the other day where Sam was eluding to the fact that they don’t have enough resources to keep up with the demand, and for the foreseeable future they won’t be issuing any more access.

Can anyone provide clarity?

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sorry, its out for pro members only. @SamuelJ

What do you mean by “pro members”?

I got access to GPT-4 without having ChatGPT plus back then.

But I got access to plugin development, when I got the plus membership.

IDK one of my friends has Chat-Gpt 4 and his screen says pro

You mean PLUS?

He was asking for API access which is something different.

If you got access to that you would see it under under playground like this:

Back to that topic. They have started to role out GPT-4 32k models already, and I have seen new developers beeing added to dev teams as well. So I don’t think it is only about capacity. Didn’t read about something different.

I don’t even have access to 8K GPT4 yet. Have been on the waitlist for over month (probably more like 3) and tried support (which should not be called support, because it’s just an automated email basically saying figure it out yourself and go away).

I see you are in Germany, I’m in Australia. Not sure if they have some Country type rollout policy.

Yes paigepshapiro I have multiple Plus accounts for different businesses but apparently that doesnt make any difference.

Pretty sure I signed up back in March for the various plugin and gpt-4 api access. No movement.

Yet - we have a million SEO plugins in the plugin store?

Seems like so far most of the use cases that have passed the pipeline are purely for … spamming.

Which would also suggest why the API constantly rejects requests and the like.

Good point about SEO content apps.

Maybe they prioritized the high volume ones on purpose…

Were you using them a lot Bailey?

and here is the text to make min characters…

Just so everyone is clear, you do not need GPT-4 API access to develop a plugin, that is a separate endeavour and only requires that you have a ChatGPT Plus account and have signed up for developer access and been granted it. The Developer access to Plugins is available here ChatGPT Plugins waitlist

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