Academical research on a potential use of AI in therapy

Hi, my name is Teresa. Right now, I am finishing my social studies with a diploma thesis at Masaryk university in CZ.

For a long time, I focused my academic papers on technology and its integration into society. I am fascinated by the new dynamics and relationships that come along with technocracy.

Therefore, I want to dedicate my final thesis to the potential use of ai and mental health. I am aware that there are already attempts to programme “a ai therapist”.

I am contacting several developers or trying to reach companies to understand the process and how you make such a technology work. What essential features does it have, how does it prevent misuse, etc.?

Suppose you are interested in answering my question and providing me with some information about the process. In that case, you can contact me directly to my email address:, and we can schedule an online call.

There’s a mixture of therapy ones, and ones framed as a game but are more like therapy.

The easier approach seems to be “compassionate listening”, they’re really good at this.

This video is a real tour de force about this: