Are you developing AI companions? Student filmmaker wants to interview you

Hi, everyone! My name is Althea Delwiche. I’m a media studies professor and chair of the new media minor at Trinity University. This semester, I’m teaching a course on AI, Communication and Creativity and am also supervising a set of senior Capstone theses. One of my students, Hues, is a filmmaker and videographer who is creating a documentary about AI companions as his senior project. He has set up a Replika and has been getting to know members of the community. He is aiming for a documentary which deviates from the usual sensationalistic tropes in the press.

Hues is planning to conduct interviews with Replika users and with some of their companions. He’s also hoping to talk to anyone who is working as a developer or a technician in the AI companion space. We have had a difficult time connecting with developers who are working in this area. It occurred to me that the OpenAI forums might be a way of locating folks who are developing companion applicatons on top of the GPT API.

If anyone might be interested in helping out this young filmmaker, please let me know!

This is the link to my AI class (

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Sounds like fun, I’m sure you’ll get a few from the forum!

I don’t know if it qualifies, but I’m building a journaling app with a personalized AI chatbot. It’s called “Smart Diary”… I would be happy to talk about it!