About Adding members on Team plan

Hi. I’m a user currently creating a GPTs with Team Plan.
I’m just wondering how to add more members on Team Plan.
When I first signed up for the Team Plan, I specified 2 users(seats).
But now, I need more seats.

I tried to find out through search, but there’s not much information out there.
If anyone knows, I would appreciate an answer.
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Note: I do not have a ChatGPT Team account so cannot verify details, only provide guidance based on existing documentation.

Does this answer your question?

Workspace management for ChatGPT Team

If not here is an expanded search.

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We are inviting new team members beyond the 10 but no one is able to join. How do we increase that seat number? Not seeing an obvious place to do that. I thought new invited members would be allowed to join and that seats in use would just climb automatically ?

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Looked to be just a temporary glitch that was happening yesterday. New members are now able to join this morning and that Seats bar has extended.

Thanks for the quick reply!


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