A weird situation , can login but Cannot FULLY login and use ChatGPT

I am a ChatGPT plus user, and I have been using it until this morning.
When I turned on my Desktop, and opened ChatGPT chat page, firstly, it didn’t load my chat history anymore.
Then, I cleared my browser (google chrome) caches and cookies, and tried login again, I could pass the login process, but when it moved to ChatGPT page, it still didn’t load anything. No chat history, there even isn’t the User Account link.
If I entered anything, there is only a “Unauthorized” feedback. Since there is no User Account link, I cannot even logout.

I also switched my VPN to other nodes, but it still doesn’t work .

Anyone encountered same issue before?
now my chat page like this. all I can do is enjoying the OpenAI icon.

Thanks for the information. This kind of symptom can be the first warning sign of what ends up to be “ChatGPT suffering degraded performance, we are working on it”. Something about the account system that powers ChatGPT Plus and gets you to both your authorization to use Plus and to your account’s chat recall" having issues.

What I’ve done just in the past minutes because of another long-lingering authentication problem:

  1. Go to openai.com - the main company info page
  2. Find the login option in the top-right menu
  3. Login, and proceed to ChatGPT choice after authentication (in my case API choice)
  4. Use service normally.

I just tried many times to log in via the main company page, still not work.
I also tried to log in on my iPhone’s browser. it gives me the “pure white page” as well.

Although IOS version still work, but the screen is too small, not really convenient to type and read.

If everything is there, and the only symptom you see is no past chat, you might review the account settings in the menu from clicking your user name.

The primary place for possibilities:

  • Settings → Data controls → Chat history & training.

Setting the toggle to off gives you no past chats and no recording of them. Play with other toggles such as turning off betas, in case your account has become out-of-sync with new options available on accounts (such as those for making GPTs).

Secondly, not just a “clear cookies” but a full browser refresh can help get consistent software which runs in your browser. That is a key combination: Hold down Ctrl and click the Reload button. Or, Hold down Ctrl and press F5.

Then finally you can see if the symptom is still following you to a new login in a different desktop browser previously unused for ChatGPT, such as Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

I tried those measures it didn’t work before. but for some magic reason my ChatGPT came back when I was a way from keyboard…
Anyway , thanks for being here. Now we can close this topic. Thank you again :grinning:

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