A loyal Plus user needs help with the new features

@OpenAI Team,

I’ve been a loyal ChatGPT Plus user, eagerly waiting for the rollout of the new web browsing and plugins features. I’ve been following the announcements, my expectations growing with each passing day. Yet, here I am, still waiting.

I’ve attached a screenshot of my settings - you can see there’s no hint of these new features. So, what’s the deal? Am I a joke to you?

These features would significantly enhance my user experience and I’m starting to wonder if I’m being left out of the loop. A clear timeline on when I can expect these features would be great, because right now, it feels like I’m waiting for Christmas in July.

I hope this message prompts some sort of action. I look forward to a swift response, and even more so, to the arrival of these features.

Best regards,
A loyal ChatGPT Plus user.