AI-custom friendship bot

I’m currently working on a project that to put in simple terms, lets you create your own AI friend similar to Jarvis from Iron Man with the ability to choose it’s name, voice, and create a custom avatar for it(not a human avatar). I’m currently working on all of the speech tech to create custom voices and clone voices(if we can get rights obviously) and I’m really looking for people who can help create the nlp tasks we want to use gpt3 for (some tasks we will train our models for) and help create the overall framework. If you are interested in helping out email me so we can talk more about the vision for it and you can try out the chatbot we created.


I wrote a book that may help, as it is meant to fulfill those exact needs.

I also have a very slimmed down version on GitHub GitHub - daveshap/NLCA_CURIE_Discord: Raven experiment entirely with CURIE engine

Let me know if you’d like to collaborate, I can also share my very messy code for the larger model. I’m currently working on finetuned models to make Raven more refined and reliable.


Hi David, I’m working on a platform to help small businesses establish and build their brands. GPT-3 seems to be the optimum model to realize it. We have an analog prototype and now need to execute a few tests to validate our hypotheses. Would you be interested in having a conversation that could lead to collaborating? Thanks, Ray

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Sure thing, let’s sync up and see what you’re working on, and if I can help

Cool, I’m traveling on holiday now and back at my desk on the 3rd. I’m in the US central time. Would a zoom at 2:pm be good then? My email address is