Young people in artificial intelligence

Hello, my name is Julia Ayumi and I’m 17 years old and I live in Brazil, I love artificial intelligence and OpenAi as a whole. However, I have suggestions that can include young people and adolescents in the learning process of OpenAi, such as specific platforms that can be created to teach about artificial intelligence and courses that teach it. There may be internships for this young community as well. It is apparent that many young people use AI for studies, information search and even advice, but it is unlikely that they will seek how this was originated and how they are made, aiming to boost education about artificial intelligence and its importance for adolescents and young people in the contemporary context. My idea is to create a platform that aims to encourage these topics mentioned and also guided and encouraged by the teenagers themselves, through blogs and outreach groups.
I’m grateful if you read this and look forward to a response!


This is a very fast-evolving and emerging technology, and there are many small but significant platforms in this field. My biggest expectation is for OpenAI to organize a certification program

Creating platforms and courses to teach AI to young minds is a fantastic idea! :smiley: As Zeki wisely answered, the industry is evolving at lightning speed, making it quite a challenge to stay on top of things. Nevertheless, I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors!

Here are some helpful resources to get you started:
Coursera Specialization on Deep Learning:



Honestly surprised and a wee bit disappointed this post did not get significantly more engagement. It is very well written, and is the type of professionalism and guts we prey to see from the next generation.

Furthermore, I think it is a grand idea. Even if AI is moving fast, such an idea does not require much at all. Something similar to this, or Poe, or Flow, or Character, but focused on both Professional Use and Teenagers. Juts by existing with forums and access to GPT it would already start creating a community. And frankly ChatGPT and Mr. Musk are both kind of rockstars, so it would be an easy sell and OpenAI would gain a youth army. Never a bad asset. It really would require so little, and offer so much. The only really requirements, other the obvious, are likely a very very strictly sfw chatbot, and likewise some very on the ball human moderation of the entire platform.

Considering the alternative AI Sites where youth currently congregate (mostly roleplay sites), the bar is set exceedingly low. As a Parent I know I would be most delighted to learn that my kid were using such a platform.

Anyway. This post is getting some long overdue hype because I have only just joined this site. :owl:


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Indeed, I’m also super happy to see this post about including the next generation!

As noted by @zeki.unyildiz

and for that reason you shouldn’t expect any form of certification program any time soon. Formalizing a certification program require a somewhat static body of knowledge, that isn’t present at the current time and won’t be for the foreseeable future. anyone who offers you some sort of “OpenAI certification” is definitely scamming you.

My best advice for anyone who wants to learn more about how to develop stuff using AI, is to stick around on this forum, get started on a simple learning projects that align with your interests, and ask questions if you run into any issues.

Well, you should already have access to GPT & and the +300.000 people on this community forum, so I’d say that’s a decent start, but I’ll agree that we could do a bit better in the ‘community building’ area, but that is something we’re currently working on.


A certificate is only a snapshot of somebody’s or somethings state at a certain point in time and the requirements to get certified can be set by whoever is providing the certificate.
In a fast evolving field it would be good for a certificate to clearly state when the state was measured and for how long the certificate is valid.
Personally I don’t perceive this area to move so fast that a basic level of understanding today will be invalid next year. The underlying technology does not change constantly. We are more dealing with a sudden outburst of developments, ideas and concepts on top of these basics that can easily be certified.

A good example would be the course from . The content is still valid, useful and applicable across domains providing a good starting point to learn how to use the technology. And the same is true for the basics of how LLMs are build.

So, why not offer a certification program? Especially when covering the basics needed to dive deeper.

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good argument mate! :heart:

I think I’m a little bit biased on this topic, since I’ve been involved in planning, managing and making post grad certification courses, those typically take 2-3 years to make, and have very high requirements and a ton of paperwork to do before it’s officially accepted and accredited.

Maybe? I’m not so sure, some things might still be changing, like we’ve seen with the fine tuning format. But I think you’d already addressed that:

Again another good point I can agree with, but I’m more concerned about the perceived value of the certification, if we imagine a certificate that only covers the very basics, and is only valid for a short period, then I don’t see it as having much value, if any.

This is not a jab at anyone offering course’s, I’ve personally been though several of the courses from and I’ll definitely recommend them to anyone. But I wouldn’t be as happy if they started offering certificates based on these, because it would lock down the development of the curse’s themselves and force them to follow scheduled updates to align with the issued certificate.

At this point in time, I think it’s much better to just offer courses and not worry about certificates. :laughing:

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I see where you are coming from while this topic is about introducing young adults to the basics of AI.
While I wouldn’t claim that certifying professional developers in this area is a easily doable task, creating a foundation for understanding appears a lot more reasonable.
I would go so far to claim that currently the overwhelming majority of participants in this field are new entrants, while the long-term pros likely perceive a challenge to differentiate themselves from the masses with a tool like a certificate. And I suppose you are aiming more towards this second type of target audience.

Just so I know from the group

Is 29 too old to be considered young people? Where am I at?

Indeed, but I fully agree with what you’re saying. For those looking for answers, I think we can split the concept in two:

  • if you’re looking for an official certificate/diploma that you can hang on your wall. Then my best advice is to get a hold of you local university and hear if the have something “machine learning” related.

  • if you’re interested in learning more about AI and your goal becoming proficient in using the various products from OpenAI, my best advise is to head over to and take a few courses, make some good projects and prove your proficiency by showing them off.

You’re never too old to learn, my friend. I’ve had students from their mid-50s up to their late 70s. You are always welcome for as long as you’re willing to learn. :heart:


Upload a picture of yourself to ChatGPT-4V … ask it to describe you. It’s fairly brutal.


hahaha thanks man I love the inclusion! Was just making a silly joke!

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