Insertion of young people in artificial intelligence

Hello, my name is Julia Ayumi and I’m 17 years old and I live in Brazil, I love artificial intelligence and OpenAi as a whole. However, I have suggestions that can include young people and adolescents in the learning process of OpenAi, such as specific platforms that can be created to teach about artificial intelligence and courses that teach it. There may be internships for this young community as well. It is apparent that many young people use AI for studies, information search and even advice, but it is unlikely that they will seek how this was originated and how they are made, aiming to boost education about artificial intelligence and its importance for adolescents and young people in the contemporary context. My idea is to create a platform that aims to encourage these topics mentioned and also guided and encouraged by the teenagers themselves, through blogs and outreach groups.
I’m grateful if you read this and look forward to a response!